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Welcome to Dr. Octain's 

Hair Restoration Center

Dr. Octain's Hair Restoration Center in Annandale, Virginia is dedicated to providing the most natural and optimal hair restoration services to both men and women. Specializing in FUE Neograft Hair Transplant Surgery, PRP Hair Restoration, and Laser Hair Therapy, Dr. Octain's Hair Restoration Center places extreme emphasis on superior patient care and exceptional results. Don't suffer from hair loss another day. Happiness is merely a consultation away!

Meet Dr. Octain

At Dr. Octain's, we guarantee highly qualified hair restoration services.

With over 25+ years of professional medical experience and partnership with state of the art Neograft hair experts, Dr. Octain is available to answer questions and respond to comments about hair loss, as well as, perform non-surgical and surgical hair restoration services.

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“I have been a client for only 11 weeks and I am amazed at how much of my hair has already begun to grow back! This process is so easy, and so amazing, and it is completely painless! I have tried everything from pills and topical treatments to toupees, and THIS is the first thing that has really truly worked. Thank You!”

- Joe S.

Its simple your stuff works and all the other stuff I tried didn't. It was also nice to talk to someone who understood my hair loss, instead of a telemarketer.

- C.K.

“We sent our TV producer to try the revolutionary new hair loss treatment called laser hair therapy in February 2001. His hair had been thinning for years and nothing he tried– everything from Rogaine to Propecia- seemed to work. A year later, Joe’s progress is impressive. You can see hair re-growth at every angle.”

- Victoria Snee


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